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Supervisory Council

Supervisory Council:

Joakim Johan Helenius - Chairman

Joakim Johan Helenius is the member of Supervisory Board of AS Trigon Property Development since 2007. In addition, Joakim Johan Helenius is Supervisory Board member in listed company Nordic Fibreboard AS. Joakim Johan Helenius is the founder and Chairman of AS Trigon Capital and holds supervisory or management board positions in several daughter companies or affiliates of Trigon Capital group. Joakim Johan Helenius does not own AS Trigon Property Development shares 50% in Pärnu Holdings OÜ that owns 39.22% of AS Trigon Property Development shares.


Torfinn Losvik

Torfinn Losvik is a Norwegian citizen, active in the Estonian business scene since 1998. Torfinn has extensive management experience from manufacturing related companies, such as CEO positions at Marat AS and Finnwear OY and Chairman of the Board at Patricia Group OY. Torfinn is currently acting as the management board member of AS Skano Group. Torfinn Losvik does not own any shares of AS Trigon Property Development but Stetind OÜ, a company 100% owned by Torfinn Losvik, owns 50% of shares in Pärnu Holdings OÜ that owns 39.22% of AS Trigon Property Development shares.


Aivar Kempi

Aivar Kempi (born 24.09.1958) has obtained an industial civil engineer degree from Tallinn University of Technology and has worked in real estate sector for over 30 years. Among other things, he has been the development division director at AS Merko Ehitus (1997-2005) and the head of the real estate department at AS Trigon Capital (2005-2018). Since 2018, Aivar Kempi has been offering independent real estate development advisory services through AKPC OÜ, of which he is also a member of the board. In addition, Aivar Kempi holds the position of board member in the following companies: Aikuvar OÜ, Chester Universal OÜ, Padula Property OÜ, Krillimäe Invest OÜ, Trigon Hartwall Ukrainian Properties AS and Gate Tallinn East OÜ. Aivar Kempi does not own any AS Trigon Property Development shares.